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Yoly De Sedas has been wearing many hats ever since she started her entrepreneurial journey. She is the Founder of The Urban Greenhouse (Panama City, Panama), a Meal Planner, Business Consultant, Vegan/Vegetarian Chef, Writer for Panamanian newspaper articles, Blogger, Tv Star and Workshop leader. She is also a Graduate of the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program by Cornell University’s T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. Her colorful recipes and vibrant energy when speaking about her delicious food made me curious to find out what is the secret behind her successful projects.


  1. When did you founded The Urban Greenhouse and Healthy Eating with Yoly and how old were you?

Yoly: We started [The] Urban Greenhouse in late September 2015 and Healthy Eating with Yoly beginning [of] January 2017. For Healthy Eating with Yoly, my idea was [to create] a global reference that could inspire everyone to eat plant based and healthier.

2. What was your vision back then as far as your business and personal blog?

Yoly: We really wanted to create the most amazing wheatgrass in [an] urban greenhouse, followed by delivery of organic fruits and vegetables. It has developed into a healthy eating platform

3. What were the three most important drivers that influenced you in becoming an entrepreneur?

Yoly: God and my parents, Angel (my partner and soon to be husband!) and the desire of leaving something of good in this world


4. What does Yoly like? Tell us about your favorite two recipes!

Yoly: My banana bread is an absolute favorite! It’s vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free. Also our super nutty cookies with our homemade vegan butter– they are delicious! 

5. If you are not in the kitchen, filming a tv episode, writing a blog post or newspaper article, where can we find Yoly having fun?

Yoly: I probably spend 85% of my time in the kitchen! But I really enjoy relaxing at home with a good Netflix movie or TV Show (many have inspired lots of my recipes!)

6. When it comes to traveling, what city(is) have influenced you the most positively?

Yoly: I would say Miami (especially Wynwood) influenced a lot in terms of colors, flavors and new approaches to old techniques. Also, Bogotá influenced me regarding ways of creating classics into plant-based styles.

7. If you could give one time management advice, what would it be?

Yoly: Make lists! Don’t start an entrepreneurial journey without having the habit of being organized – this will save you a lot of bad experiences!



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